• ePTP 1000 Cambium Networks radios support an impressive 150+ Mbps throughput to deliver bandwidth-intensive services to provide stable coverage across large service areas and enhances your existing infrastructure such as VoIP (Voice over IP), video and data to end users across multiple vertical markets. Optimized for outdoor applications, ePTP 1000 offers connectivity PTP integrated radio.

    Using the 5 GHz frequency spectrum, the new ePTP 1000 architecture covers major unlicensed global bands and is the most effective connectivity solution for the under- and unconnected around the world.


    • General Statistics improvements.
    • Using 5.3 GHz frequency.
    • Updated Spectrum Analyzer tool and Custom Scan range available.
    • 150+ Mbps throughput.
    • RADIUS support – STA Authentication / MIR VSAs .
    • Quality of Service (QoS): ensures superior consistency and integrity for VoIP (Voice over IP), video and data services.
    • Reliability: provided by quality components that have been rigorously field tested to minimize service requirement and maximize performance.
  • PTP 650 wireless Ethernet bridges offer an array of features that give you more capacity, greater operational flexibility, and the highest spectral efficiency in the industry. PTP 650 systems provide 5.15 to 5.85 GHz multi-band flexibility in a single radio and operate in channel sizes from 5 to 45 MHz.

    The Systems can deliver up to 99.999% availability in virtually any environment, including non-line-of-sight, long-distance line-of-sight, high interference, over water and desert, and through extreme weather conditions. As a result, you can deliver more throughput with less spectrum and less investment in even the most challenging environments.

    Whether your organization is an enterprise, government agency, or services provider, PTP 650 systems are ideal solutions for a wide array of applications such as T1/E1 and fiber replacements or extensions; video surveillance backhaul; LTE, macro-cell, and small-cell backhaul; last mile access; disaster recovery; network redundancy; and building-to building campus connectivity.
  • PTP 800 Licensed Ethernet portfolio has been designed to ensure that today’s evolving networks can benefit from the highest level of IP-optimized microwave solutions available in the market.

    Operating in the 6 to 38 GHz RF bands at up to 368 Mbps throughput (full duplex) and with user-configured channel bandwidths from 7 to 56 MHz, PTP 800 Series of Licensed Ethernet Microwave solutions offer operators a highly reliable licensed band solution.

    • Includes 1+1 Hot Standby links, 2+0 redundant links in a ring or mesh configuration plus non-redundant links. Hot Standby links are designed to provide full redundancy in the event of a single Compact Modem Unit (CMU) or an Outdoor Unit (ODU) failure at one or both ends of the link.
    • With the smallest Compact Modem Unit (CMU) in the industry, the small form factor design helps remove customer dependency on rack space.
    • Flexible stepping options allow operators to purchase a standard 10 Mbps factory set cap and then increase capacity as needed based on throughput demands ensuring exceptional scalability.
    • Where users download more information than they upload, operators can assign different throughput capacities for the up and down links.
    • Optimize licensed link performance prior to purchase and gain a complete view of your network via Google Earth with the PTP LINKPlanner. This tool also provides a complete Bill of Materials (BOM) that lists all equipment required for the deployment simplifying the order process and providing important link information needed for FCC and other regulatory bodies...
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